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4 Steps to Picking Your Venue

4 Steps to Picking the Best Venue for Your VIP Event

You hear the phrase repeated in all the real estate tv shows; “Location! Location Location!”. This maxim also rings true for producers of high end VIP group shoot events. Can you imagine a red carpet interview taking place in front of some ordinary venue that does not have the classic characteristics to support the theme [...]


5 Reasons Why Nudity May Not Work for Your Event

Sex sells. This is a no-brainer to most of us. Most Carl’s Jr. ads involve an attractive woman seductively eating a Famous Star with cheese. Does this mean that it is okay to push the limits as they relate to nudity at your events? Of course not. While I’m not against tasteful nudity that has [...]

VIP Model Events

Top 5 Reasons Why Models Flake Out on Your Events

As an event promoter and photographer, I’ve had numerous models “flake out” on group shoot event appearances and photo shoots. Admittedly, I fell into the camp that would complain that some models were unprofessional and didn’t respect my time or the art itself. During events, I’d overhear photographers comparing notes about various models who flaked [...]